Searching for the best home remodeling near me or top-rated remodel contractors near me in NYC? Contact one of the professional home construction companies in NYC – A&U Contractors! A top-notch construction company serving home renovation, interior & exterior work. Call A and U Contractors (+1)347-833-5796, standing among the top construction companies in NYC.

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Interior & Exterior

Bringing beauty to both sides of the wall. Inside and out, we've got you covered.

Paint Sheet

protect surfaces from damage caused by moisture, sunlight, or other environmental factors.

Rock Framing

Adding a touch of nature to your surroundings. Rock solid craftsmanship, every time.


Creating beautiful spaces for everyday living. Where style meets functionality.


Expert concrete work, exceptional results. Your first step to a beautiful property.


Protecting your property from water damage. Waterproofing that lasts a lifetime.


Protecting your property from water damage. Waterproofing that lasts a lifetime.


Enhancing your outdoor space, one paver at a time. From patios to pathways - we pave it.


Elevating your property with custom steps and tile work. Bringing your design vision to life with expert tile and step work.


Enhancing curb appeal with quality siding products and installation. Your trusted partner for all your siding needs.

All Kinds Of Roofing

Trust us to take your property to new heights with quality roofing solutions. Expert roofing solutions for every type of property.

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A&U Contractors - One of The
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Companies in NYC

Is it time for a reconstruction of your home or office? Find one of the top-rated construction agencies in New York City, NY!

A&U Contractors is a one-stop general contractor in New York City, offering a wide range of construction services in NYC. At A&U contractors, we have a vision that no job is too small or too big. This is why our team works for all types of construction jobs, starting from modeling & remodeling to completion of any construction site.

To bring your vision to life, we offer time, attention, & dedication toward your specific construction needs in Queens, New York, Brooklyn, New York, and Manhattan, New York. As a matter of fact, we work from every aspect of a reputed construction company, taking home renovation or any construction work with planning & designs. Moreover, the team of A&U Contractors guides every phase of the building & construction process, leading from initial design & specification to planning and winding up the work, including interior installation. 

To meet the client’s needs perfectly, we deliver, style, and finish all our projects as committed. For this reason, A&U Contractors stands among the Top construction companies in NYC. For home renovation, including exterior and interior work, contact A & U Construction Company today.

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Although, you may search for the best home remodeling near me or cheap remodel contractors near me in NYC or nearby to get one for home renovation. 

To select the company, you can check the ratings for top construction companies near you in New York City. Definitely, the 5-star rating appeals, but commitment and client satisfaction is our aim. For more specific construction work, make a call at 347-833-5796 or email us at [email protected]

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Why Choose Us Among The Best Home Construction Companies In NYC!

Passion & Expertise

Our team of civil engineers, contractors, and architects is passionate to work and help you with construction expertise. For this reason, our clients are delighted.  

Experienced & Certified

With years of experience in the construction industry, we are a licensed, bonded, qualified, & renowned construction firm in NYC. Moreover, we follow government rules and regulations & health and safety regulations for the safety of both our workers and consumers.

Cost Efficiency

We know everyone has specific, concise, or detailed needs. So, At A & U construction company in NYC, we offer affordable solution cost with top-notch quality for your particular needs. 
Interior & Exterior Paint

Roofing & Water Proofing

Stone & Tile Work

Still, If you are searching for home remodel contractors near me in NYC, contact A&U Contractors – One of the best and top construction companies in NYC. For more details, you can visit Google Maps for the best construction firm in New York City. Furthermore, for any construction work, including Interior & Exterior Work, Paint Sheet, Rock Framing, Kitchen & Bathroom, Sidewalk & Driveway, Waterproofing, Brick Work, Paver Stones, Step Work & Tiles, Siding, All Kinds Of Roofing, make a call on (+1) 347-833-5796 or email us [email protected]

130+ Awards

Experience excellence with our 130+ award-winning services.

50 + Project Success

We are working with win-win strategies to implement innovative designs

200+ Worldwide Clients

Fulfilling the commitments and dealing with customer satisfaction

Immediate Services

Establishing framework globally with quality of work

A & U Construction Company

Searching Remodel
Contractors Near Me In NYC? 

Hired home remodel contractors near me with A & U today! Many people used to say it because of commitment and quality. So, transform your kitchen & bathrooms, Sidewalks & Driveways, and anything related to construction. Indeed, get guidance and work done with experts. As we focus on quality control and communication, our team inspects all the work and provides estimated time per industry standards.

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What Our Customer Says?

A&U Contractors are professional and reliable. They completed the renovation on time and within budget. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of construction services.

David M. Martin

From start to finish, they communicated with me every step of the way and exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I would definitely hire them again for renovation.

Jen Johnson

A&U Constrators did the pavement and roofing job with efficiency and skill. Their team is always professional and respectful, and they delivered exceptional results.

Mike Hotten
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Stay Informed and Stay Ahead with Our Latest News and Insights. Read, learn, and explore with our engaging blogs. 

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A & U Construction Company

Frequently Asked Questions - People Also Ask!

Many considerable factors need to be addressed before hiring any construction company. When it's time to upgrade the outdated home design or add to the existing infrastructure, we are here to customize your entire setup, home, office, or outdoor.

All of the above, the primary thing is a long-term investment for a remodeling project before demolition. 

So, for a seamless experience & consistent quality of work under top construction companies in NYC, hire us for home renovation today.

Can I have home remodeling near me in Brooklyn, New York? 

Yes, we offer services in Brooklyn. Please call us and book an appointment.

What are the service areas of A & U construction companies in NYC?

The service areas of A&U Contractors are Queens, New York, Brooklyn, New York, and Manhattan, New York.

Do you handle commercial projects?

Yes, we do accept offers for commercial projects. We deliver higher-level products and services to our commercial customers within the committed time. 

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