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At A and U contractors, we provide one of the finest waterproofing solutions in the industry through our variety of unmatched waterproofing services.
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We at A and U contractors always ensure that everything is according to the preference of the customer.  The preference of our customers is the number one priority for us, and we put their preferences and choices before ours. This customer-centric approach has allowed us to enjoy a client loyalty status in the prevailing market of waterproofing services. Our services assist in keeping your home waterproof and safe.

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Why Choose A and U Contractors?

Customers can search for waterproofing contractor near me on the internet all they want, but this will not change their preferred choice for the waterproofing contractors and what sort of services they might get.

Selecting the waterproofing service provider is not an easy task for a new customer who has been facing constant leakages in and around his house. Experience is the number one aspect that any customer looks for in a service provider

A and U enjoys years and years of experience in dealing with flooded basement waterproofing. Our exceptional staff can handle flooded basements and leaking roofs to deliver tailored solutions based on your precise needs. For this reason, customers prefer our specialized service offerings to customers across New York City, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. Do Contact A & U contractors Today!

Best Waterproofing Contractor Queens, Brooklyn, & Manhattan, New York | Unrivaled Basement Waterproofing

Those who search for waterproofing near me services should look no further, as A and U offers waterproofing services that include basement waterproofing of the highest quality. Our highly skilled staff makes sure that your basement is utterly waterproof, ensuring inch by inch safety of your storage goods and heating systems. Our dedicated basement waterproofing services keep your basement secure from mold and bad odor. So, what are you worrying about? Stop worrying and give us a call to prevent your basement from leakages and bad odor. A and U offers the best pricing ranges for our waterproofing services to customers all over New York City, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Offering Exterior Waterproofing Solutions since Day One

We at A and U contractors also provide you with the necessary exterior waterproofing for your basement. With the help of exterior waterproofing services, you can protect your basement from the outside. We follow a customer-centric approach and find multiple ways to make sure that the foundation of your house remains intact and free from any sort of hazardous condition. In our low-cost basement proofing service, we provide you with the best services at reasonably affordable prices.

Explore Our Various Waterproofing Services

A and U offers several waterproofing solutions to a vast list of clients around New York City, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. There is no longer a need to search for waterproofing companies near me, as we bring you a comprehensive service system that includes a variety of waterproofing services to customers all over New York City, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Most Affordable & Cost Effective Waterproofing Service In New York

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These services include:

Mold Remediation

With our best mold remediation, we make sure your house remains clean from mold and stop it from growing anywhere. We carry out this process with the aid of our highly trained staff in waterproofing services. Getting rid of the pesky mold that grows inside houses, becomes easier with our prolific waterproofing services. We make sure to restore your house to its former beauty.